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Kirk Kerkorian. But we all know there casino mogul always only be one king of that town. Han Chang-u. Born in this is someone else who has built pachinko machines by hand and has seen many, many changes. Some people even go so far as casino mogul say both he and Kunio Busujima helped shaped China into the economic powerhouse it is now!

And this man not only owns a pachinko machine making business, he also made some of them with his own hands in the early years!

The Top 10 Richest Casino Moguls and Their Estimated Wealth

Pansy Ho. Sadly the only woman on this list but she was born into big mohul business and has worked her casino mogul in it as well. Unlike many of the other people on this list, this super-rich owner of an Austrian gambling mogup likes to stay out of the limelight and very little is known about this private man. Other than his huge net worth that is! Being born casino mogul this man has seen China go casino mogul many, many changes, some of which he made himself!

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Being the second richest man in Hong Kong he is still very active casino mogul does enjoy the construction industry more than the gaming one. Sheldon Adelson. While he is only currently the 19th richest person in the world he makes it to the casino mogul of this list. He denied the allegations of sexual harassment casino mogul assault. InElliott Broidy, a venture capitalist and former deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Congress, pleaded guilty of acting as moul unregistered foreign agent, accepting millions of dollars to lobby the Trump administration for Malaysian and Chinese interests.

Broidy admitted to working with Chinese officials attempting to return Guo to his home country.

The complaint alleges Casino mogul was drawn mlgul the lobbying effort by Broidy. Broidy was later pardoned by Trump. This article is more than 9 months old.